Shocking statistics about online dating who is robbie robertson dating

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Shocking statistics about online dating

CASE STUDY: Retired Brenda Parke, 66, was conned out of £60,000 after befriending a man named Bradford Cole via an online dating site.They never met, but he convinced her he needed money to help his sick daughter.Her name, landline and broadband account number was taken which led to her being harassed by conmen calling from the other side of the world.The scammers used her Talk Talk account details to persuade her they were legitimate.“Next day I learned that they had removed two lots of £120 and a further £754. I felt an utter fool.” TOP TIPS: SOFTWARE security expert Pete Turner said: “Don’t reply to emails, give bank details or transfer money before checking, or open file attachments from unknown senders.” WHAT IS IT?Criminals use a victim’s name or personal information, often found on the internet, to apply for credit cards, loans or take money from their accounts.

“All someone had to do was photo-shop someone else’s utility bill and put in my details.

Criminals infiltrate computer systems and steal sensitive personal details to use for crime.

CASE STUDY: Lynda Prichard had her personal details stolen after hackers took thousands of customers’ personal data from internet provider Talk Talk.

Lynda, of Bournemouth, paid £250 and gave them access to her computer believing they would insert anti-virus software.

She blamed her internet provider for putting her at risk, saying they were “at best unhelpful and at worst dismissive”.

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