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The authors performed a randomized control trial, assigning randomly children to surgical or medical therapy.

The group with surgical therapy did significantly better in terms of seizure freedom and several measures of social behavior and quality of life.

On one memorable occasion in college, I was about to receive an award. Before the ceremony began, I nervously poured myself a glass of punch, hoping that I looked poised and polished and award-worthy, when suddenly I Coming back to my senses after a seizure is always disorienting, but never more so than the time when I started off crossing the street.

When I came to, I realized I had ended up walking the wrong way through a Jack in the Box drive-through.

I’d like to think I meant that “true love and happiness” was going to get her.

Given that she’s a successful doctor about to marry the love of her life, I’d like to think I was doing her a favor by prophesizing her good fortune. Needless to say, things were a little awkward for a few days.

) Another time when my epilepsy made me come off like a charm-school dropout, I was at a fancy dinner with a group of friends.

My seizures often seemed to be timed to inflict maximum embarrassment.

About 3 million people have epilepsy in the United States, and I can bet you almost all of them would agree that the condition isn’t generally humorous — unless you’re the one managing an unpredictable life that comes with having seizures, in which case you learn to find humor wherever you can. I lost consciousness but didn’t pass out, and I would wake up confused, groggy, and very aware that I just hadn’t “been there” for the last minute or so. Conversations I’d had only days before fell right out of my head (no pun intended). So, given that, I’ve been able to laugh (a lot) at some of the crazy things I’ve done while having a seizure.

I was in college, and the last thing I needed was my knowledge evaporating. I don’t take for granted that I’ve never hurt myself or put myself in situations where harm was imminent.

Take part locally, or via the internet and social media.

Visit the website to read stories, get resources, and find out how you can join in this worldwide event to promote awareness of epilepsy. A study led by researchers at RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland) has identified a new genetic test that can be used to predict if a patient with epilepsy will develop an adverse reaction to a common anti-epileptic drug.

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Applicants must be 40 years old or younger by the KES meeting, trained and practicing in one of the Asian Oceanian countries, and must make a presentation in English at the KES meeting .

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